Edited: Wednesday, January 6, 2012
Original Post Date: Monday, July 19, 2010

Brian is a pre-med student who writes for two blogs called Memoirs of a Pre-Med Student and Pre-Med Hell. He has been running as a hobby for three years now and started working out and watching his diet consistently since he was sixteen. Excluding the absolutely insane (running the Sarah and jogging across Russia), he’s done it all. Weighing in at 184 lbs and an average body size, he’s completed the 2007 LA Marathon, the San Diego 1/2 Marathon, the LA AIDS Walk (10K), and many 5Ks. He is most proud of running Donate Life the past four years and aspires to complete an Iron Man at some point in his life.

Next includes an ongoing list of the Runs and Walks he has either completed or is in the process of completing. Make sure to check back to see other events are in store.

Half-Marathon Best:                          2:33:18
Half-Marathon Goal:                          2:18:00

5K Best:                                            0:33:00
5K Goal:                                            0:29:00

Ironman Best:                                   Not finished
Ironman Goal:                                   Finish

* Event to be completed when race occurs.
* Event highly anticipated, not yet paid.


Ataxia Walk, Long Beach: 2010


Donate Life: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Liver Life Walk: 2009, 2010
Breast Cancer Walk (Susan G. Komen): 2007, 2008
Turkey Trot: 2007, 2008
CSULB Pyramid Run: 2009
Coaster Run: 2011


AIDS Walk LA: 2007, 2008
Long Beach AIDS Walk: 2009

Half Marathons

Rock ‘N’ Roll
Arizona: 2011, 2012
Chicago: 2010, 2011
Los Angeles: 2010, 2011
Las Vegas: 2010, 2011
Providence: 2011
San Diego: 2010, 2011
Seattle: 2011
New Years: 2011

California Dreamin’ Racing
Surf City USA: 2011
Long Beach ICB: 2010
San Francisco: 2010

Beach Cities Challenge
Surf City USA: 2012
Orange County: 2012
Long Beach ICB: 2012

Triple Crown
Carlsbad: 2011
La Jolla: 2011
San Diego: 2011

SoCal Half Marathon: 2011
Disnelyand Half Marathon: 2011


LA Marathon: 2007


Tri-Rock San Diego: 2010


All 50 States

List of the states completed (6 of 50):
California, Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Rhodes Island

A US map from EPG Soft shows the states I’ve completed or will complete by 2011. My goal is to complete, at least, a half marathon in each state and I would love to finish with the Boston marathon (Massachusetts) as my 50th state.


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