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Started with a Run to First Base and Ended with a Grand Slam

March 31, 2011 2 comments

I finished the 2010 Rock ‘n’ Roll Series with a Grand Slam heavy medal, finishers who complete four events will receive the medal. I wish I could have come up with a catchier title but that’s all I could muster up in a few minutes. However, it does sum the event more than the other ones I was going to choose. My mom introduced me to first base, or the San Diego run, and since that run it started a wave of fitness and a myriad of events. It sparked starting this website, training for a triathlon, and signing up for fifteen runs in 2011. They say I fell in love with them, I disagree, I think it’s more than that. Hah. There are few things better than a runner’s high and there are few things worst than being upset from not running enough to get the high.

San Diego for us to be honest was the greatest thing since sliced bread for me. I was dead tired from it and that night I had a terrible sunburn and I had to write a five page paper for my human sexuality class and the next day I had to do a 45 minute presentation. The hardest part was getting up and down, I actually did very, very well on the presentation. Since the run though I’ve realized it had a lot of great music and a lot of support but I’m not really looking forward to it this year as much because of the curves in the freeway they make you run over. We were basically at 30% grade the whole time so one leg is extending and one leg isn’t, guess which muscles suffer? This time around I’m going to do a good glut workout, maybe ten or twenty minutes and then do everything else. I’m trying to think if I’ve had a worst run and I don’t think I have, some of it was due to leaving us out in the burning sun for two hours and some of it was because it was the first long distance race in a long time (more soreness, dehydration, etc). I completely understand also that they work very hard to get certain permits but the grades are ruthless.

So, I signed up for Chicago after and it was a good run but I wasn’t prepared enough for the heat and soreness. The week before I did San Francisco and I would feel my legs hurting and I would have to start walking. The heat after about an hour and a half was too much and I didn’t want to get heat exhaustion, which I may have gotten, so I walked the rest of it. Some of it had to do with waking up so early to get to the run (we’re supposed to be prepared for it but we do wake up sometimes at 4AM to get to the race at 7-7:30). I just remember the humidity was way more than California for summer and it seemed like there was no way to escape the hot weather. The course was great, it was nice seeing all the buildings. I checked the sites we were supposed to see on the way and I didn’t remember seeing half of them. Tired, much? With two events you get the 26.2 medal, I get the concept, two events of 13.1 equals 26.2 but I would rather have a 13.1 medal because it sounds like a ran a marathon when I didn’t. I’m all for getting the smaller medal because the ones who did more deserve the bigger medal.

Then, we did the Los Angeles half marathon. This one was special because it’s the inaugural event for Rock ‘n’ Roll and if we keep up with it, we may have a chance to be a Legacy runner. Though, I’m worried about what will happen when I get into medical school, may not or will not have time for it. Great course and I’m sure in the upcoming years it will have more than enough volunteers and spectators cheering us on. I don’t really remember much of the course except there was a few steep grades that we didn’t see in the course map. Another thing I remember too is sprinting the last mile and passing what seemed like two hundred people, I was amazed at how fast and how long I was able to go after already doing twelve miles. Finishing three events gave the Triple Crown medal, wasn’t as great when mine came through since my mom’s came through first.

To finish off the year, we did the Las Vegas half marathon which was even more spectacular. I just remember that next time I’m going to bring a long sleeve custom shirt because my hands were numb the whole time. We ran through the strip and then back through so we had pretty good scenery to look at. Next year they’re doing the run at night, I wonder how that’s going to work out, safety-wise. 15-25,000 people running the strip at night. And with that I got the Grand Slam medal.

I guess this post doesn’t really give off how great doing this series was. Because of it, we’ve started this site, we started logging the runs we do so we have a record, we’re getting closer to a team logo, we’re inspiring more people. I’ve done a triathlon since, I’m gearing up and training for an Olympic triathlon (hopefully in the summer), I’m doing 15 half marathons and completing 3 different series, I’m even considering doing the California Iron Man in the next few years. I’ve run 10 miles nonstop, hoping for all 13.1 this summer, I’m almost able to run a 2:30 half (which means about 5:00-5:30 marathon if I kept the same pace which is roughly two hours better than my first). I’m going to complete an event in all 50 states, eventually. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and I’ve been to a lot of great places.

Don’t have much of an inspirational ending, I’m just a regular person who started from two squares back and trained to be a step ahead. Doing the event to me has always been insignificant in proportion to how I got there and the feeling of finishing afterward. Of course the events in themselves are great to be doing but the training it took to get there, the people met along the way, everything else that happens, are always more meaningful. Pacing throughout the entire run is more of a badge of honor than the medal at the end. Make working out and exercising fun. If it’s not, then why bother?


Heavy Medal for Rock ‘n’ Roll Series, 26.2

August 29, 2010 1 comment

Saw a little manila envelope in the mail today and couldn’t understand because I haven’t had enough money to order anything in a long time. It was from the Competitor group and I knew what it was. I opened it up and it was my Heavy Medal for completing two half marathons in a calendar year for the Rock ‘n’ Roll series.  I like it not really because it means I compeleted two events but the amount of effort I put into my lifestyle and racing events. With the first half marathon of the summer and the first one I’ve done in general, I had to do a 45 minute presentation the day after and turn in a 5 page essay which I had to write as soon as I got home from San Diego after the event.

Then, signing up to run for in the San Francisco half marathon. Driving up there and then driving back right after the event. Learning the 5 freeway, checking into hotels. Learning about one way streets. Running for nine straight miles, longest I’ve ever run. Driving for five straight hours. Then, signing up for Chicago and running in that a week later. Learning more about air travel, learning about the blue line. Watching scrubs on hulu (the only time I’ve seen 8th season episodes). Getting four to five hours of sleep each time. All the great people that I met.

Then starting the team blog and trying to get sponsors and member profiles and upload photos. Trying to establish more team members as writers and teaching them how to use the platform. Signing up for my first triathlon and the many sunburns that have come with it. Accidentally doing a 26 mile bike to cal state and back (I have the proof if anyone wants clarity). Organizing people to fund/help get me to the TriRock. They will get an official thank you on the team blog but to name drop a few: Grandpa for hotel costs and event registration; Mom for bike gear (patch kits, CO2 pumps), cytomax, jammers, and goggles; Kevin for registration fees and swim lessons. Without them I would have slept in my car and then drown the next day.

To me, it’s symbolic of what I’ve learned and overcome and a summary of the summer.

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