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Surf City USA and the Magic Pavement

Went down to Huntington Beach Sunday morning for the Surf City USA Marathon and Half Marathon annual. The one thing I love about this run is that its easy. We park at Hoag hospital, it takes us 15 minutes to get there, no traffic. Take the buses to the run, no long lines. Hit the bathroom, wait for the run to start and just run / jog / walk the coastal PCH street. I wasn’t sore last year and I’m not that sore this year. No traveling expenses, not much traffic leaving the parking lot and no long drive home. Compared to the other ones, it’s just a simple go run, have fun, and go study after the run.

Mom and I just talked about a bunch of stuff during the run. You would be surprised how easy a half can be if you find someone to go with and talk to them. A couple miles into the race and you didn’t notice time going by. Surf City is a perfect reason to walk and enjoy the scenery, which is exactly what we did. A lot of people think you have to go all out and run these like crazy and be sore as all get up afterward and that’s the furthest from the truth. I mean, by all means test your endurance, I do it as well but it’s not a requirement!

Not much to say about the run because it’s just a nice, easy run. Everything about this run that I’ve seen so far is easy. And you can even get back in time for a Super Bowl binge of chips, dip, and beer. It’s practically a no-brainer! I’ll definitely be doing it next year for the Legacy club status.

I will add that there were two cool things along the way. One, a 71 year old man who had hip surgery 10 weeks prior, was walking a half marathon not even 2 1/2 months after surgery. So, if that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is! Secondly, a girl from my biochemistry class recognized me, how cool is that? Not to mention, out of the 20,000 runners what are the odds we even see each other without making an effort?

Hope everyone is doing well, keep the fitness up, keep thinking about health and eating mildly okay during the week! Keep training!

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