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Triple Crown Finisher 2011

La Jolla
San Diego

I just finished the Triple Crown for the year two-thousand eleven and it was a great experience. This series was really filled with milestones. The Carlsbad run finished up my first time running 39.3 miles in three weeks (~ 40 miles). The second week of which I got my best time so far, 2:40:00, just barely missed the 2:30:00 region. I also met a really nice runner who I saw throughout the series one way or another. La Jolla, conquering the biggest hills and the biggest hill I’ve seen yet, with one of them 2 miles up a roughly 45% grade and getting my best time to this day 2:33:00. I met a nice runner there too who pushed me to keep going and keep a good pace, if it wasn’t for him I’m not even sure I would have made sub 2:40:00. San Diego, the milestone would have been better to talk about if I actually made the 2:18:00 pace but things happen and you have to roll with it. I did however get my best 10k split time, well really it was my best 6 mile split time (1 hour or 1:00:00, roughly 10 minutes per mile), the 10k was pretty terrible because of the bathroom break (roughly 1:20:00 at that point, 20 minutes for .4 miles). Also stressing the fact that I wasn’t tired so the likelihood of me keeping a 10 min pace could have been pretty high.

Technically, these were all in San Diego or extremely close to San Diego so the last name should be more like Downtown San Diego, I just didn’t want to write AFC. The event staff are pretty strict for this series so whatever it says on the website and stuff they mean it, especially for La Jolla. To me, I don’t think it’s necessary and I don’t see there reasoning but that’s how they run the show.

After you get through the event staff it’s all uphill from there (could mean literally, San Diego has some hilly courses, which I didn’t know San Diego had until then). The courses are beautiful, it’s all beachfront. It’s worth the wait, it’s worth the money. I thought I would have more to say but that’s pretty much it. Lot of milestones, beautiful courses, a great time, well worth it. Not sure if I’ll do it again next year, going to try and cut back a lot. Out of all of them this one would be a good one to do though but I might be selective and only choose local.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Wake up calls, gas money, driving me there and back to the convention and to the run the next day, figuring out where the runs are at 5:00 AM before work. It all made this possible and I am grateful. Thank you and woohoo! I’m a  Triple Crown Finisher!

[As a side note, only sign up for the series if you can do a sub 3:00:00 because at least one of the runs if not all of them require a time better than 3 hours.]

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