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The Desert Double Down 2011

Las Vegas

I actually finished the Desert Double Down 2011 for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Heavy Medal Series almost 9 months ago at the start of the year. If you finish the two desert runs they have in Las Vegas and Arizona (pheonix, tempe, and Scottsdale) then you get an extra medal for completing them. Probably just another way to get people to sign up for both of the runs. It worked for me because I ended up doing it. These runs were pretty good. Las Vegas was beautiful because you run/walk right on the strip and then you make a loop and come back on the strip. It was pretty cold when we were there, a lot of my body was numb most of the time. The run is going to be at night this year so it should be even that much more spectacular. Hopefully the road construction is finished as well so it won’t take as long to drive home, maybe I’ll just fly down there?

Arizona was a great run. It’s really flat, not much of any hills. Huge straightaways makes it easy to keep a steady pace as long as you can keep your mind occupied. I remember I met up with a pacer and ran with her almost the whole way, another mile or two if I could have kept up might have been enough to hit the sub 2:40:00 run. I went down with my friend Chris for this one and came right back up the next day.

Honestly, I thought I was going to have more to say for this one but it’s pretty straight forward. I was ecstatic when I got my best time but a little disappointed that it was 40 seconds off the time I wanted. I probably won’t be able to do Arizona depending on whether or not I’m going to do the 13.1 series. If I don’t do the series I’ll probably make my way back to Arizona, not really for the double down but to see what kind of time I can get on a flat course like that.

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