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Running in America’s Finest City

Finished up my finals for biostastics, worked two days, and went into the half marathon with a little preparation. I went over what to do to get to the course and things to look out for, I made sure I went through the final course packet, highlighted things and put things in red that are really important. I passed out early and got as much ready as I needed to before bed. I honestly can’t remember if I just got ready that morning. My mom woke me up at 3:00AM, 5 minutes before my alarms went off, made me a shake, and I ran out the door to get to the half marathon. I typed in balboa park in the GPS on my phone and it took me to the best spot in the run to park. It took about 20 minutes to get up this steep hill but it was well worth the wait. The main thing about driving to San Diego is that every station goes fuzzy but you can get a little of 98.7, it starts getting really fuzzy the more downtown you get.

I hopped on the bus and again they are really strict for some reason at this marathon series for having your bib and such. Waited about an hour at the start line and it didn’t seem like there were any corrals when the gun went off because people just ran when they had the chance. I kept a 10 minute mile pace for about 6 miles which is the best that I’ve had yet. Even better I didn’t feel tired at all but I had to stop at the bathroom which took 15 minutes off my time and another 15 minutes of walking to recover (5 minutes added to 3 miles).

I actually met up with one of the people I saw in Carls Bad, she was running and said Hi. I felt bad because I veered off to go to the bathroom without saying anything, I was holding it for 2 miles, there are no words to describe. There wasn’t much that stood out in the course. We got lucky again, it was overcast up until the 11th mile as it usually seems to be. We were walking uphill for about a mile and then I noticed at the end of the uphill we were going uphill for about 2 1/2 miles. I didn’t even know it was on the course, no one said anything, I didn’t overhear anything. Except for running through a rental car lot near the airport the run wasn’t that bad, beachfront again or bay front, either way it was a beautiful course.

It would have been nice to finish the Triple Crown series with a sub 2:20:00 but it will happen eventually, then I just have to trim 20 minutes from my time to get my goal time. I think I ended with a 2:45:00 and I assumed that I added 30 minutes of unnecessary and avoidable actions for my next run so I think if I kept up with my pace I could have had around a 2:18:00, which is great, it’s nice to know I’m running sub 2:20:00 even though it’s not technically official.

Debating whether or not I should shoot for running a sub 2:20:00 for the Disneyland half marathon or at least run for time to see where I’m at. But it’s Disneyland? How can you pass up the sightseeing, out of all the runs? I might default to walking with Tina and my mom. This one will be a doozy, it’s a 3:30:00 finish time.

[Ordered the pictures over a week ago and they still haven’t arrived, a proof for now.]

[Not sure how San Diego got the trademark for America’s Finest City.]

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