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Catching up on Sleep in Chicago

To those who haven’t heard, I did end up missing the Chicago event. This was the fifth week of biostats, I had done three weeks of school every week day and then working every weekend, I had a half marathon and flew out to Providence the weekend before, got sick for two days after and still had residual. I flew down Saturday. I was so busy with school I didn’t even have time to book a room. I was just going to sleep in the airport again. I called Mohammad and he helped me for two hours to get a hotel in the airport. I went down to the bus checkin and got lucky because the bus arrived a minute after I showed up (come around every two hours). So, my phone by then was almost dead and I forgot my charger.

Getting to the hotel was something else too. We were on the freeway and some car slid into the shuttle bus so we pulled to the side of the road for an hour. When we were sitting there we saw someone do a 180 too. So, I checked into the hotel and talked with Mohammad about getting on the CTA because I didn’t remember the exact street I had to get off on and I wanted to know which place to meet him at. I asked the front desk for a charger and they couldn’t find one. Did all that, went to the room, showered, watched some tv and went to bed. Starting to see why? I woke up and it said 7 o’clock but I had to wake up at about 5 oclock for the shuttle to take me to O’hare catch the CTA to Jackson street. Mega fail unless I could run a 2 hour half, which I’m just short of.

I went to get continental breakfast, might as well right? I asked the front desk for a charger and of course they had one this time in the lost and found that I could use. If I had it last night I could have remembered to set an alarm because a wake-up call would have been too convenient to remember to do. Went on the internet in a community room for it and heard on the radio the Chicago half marathon was going on. That’s a little jab right there.

I packed up, checked out of the room, charged my phone, caught the shuttle to O’hare and took the CTA to Jackson St. to meet up with Mohammad from Pre-Med Hell. It was nice to finally meet him. He took me around Chicago for a few hours, we couldn’t do much because my flight was at 3:00PM but we walked around a little bit. It’s made me realize that I need to spend a few more days in Chicago the next time I go down, maybe a week next time or at least a good weekend.

Took the train back to O’hare, took O’hare back to Vegas with people who must have been going to some crazy party because they were the loudest people I’ve seen in an airplane and made it back at night and passed out from the trip. Everyone that heard I overslept thought I overslept a little bit and still made it to the run and I’m like, nah, I missed the whole run haha. So, pretty expensive trip to miss everything but I reasoned that it gave me the rest I needed to finish up biostats strong. I felt really good from the sleep I got. I had over 350 pts that week, possible borderline grade, and it in fact worked. I got the grade I needed, so I believe it was for the better. There were a lot of things going against me to not wake up in the morning. Of course, it would have been nice to catch up on sleep under different circumstances.

When it comes down to it, school must take priority so I don’t feel bad about the money essentially gone down the drain. I signed up for the New Years Eve run anyway and I’ll still reach my goals to finish the series as well as my ultimate goal, medical school.

[It was a nice hotel to sleep in by the way, the Executive Suite Plaza, something to that effect if anyone wants to sleep a few days there. The non-smoking section is actually non-smoking.]

[That picture right there is probably worth $75.00 so please enjoy it! It’s a picture of a stainless steal? bean that’s in the middle of a park in Chicago. It sounds kind of dumb but it’s actually pretty neat.]

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