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Seattle and the Dissappointing Dehydration

When I went to Seattle, I was in a molecular biology course for the summer. Luckily we just had an exam that Thursday so there wasn’t any new material, I could fully enjoy working and my trip to Washington. My itinerary had a layover in Salt Lake City, very nice people. The airports are finally catching on and a lot of them are allowing a certain amount of time if not unlimited WiFi access. I believe Utah gave us 45 minutes and then you just had to log back in. There are still a few of them that are charging $10.00 a day.

So, I made it to Seattle late into the night and I know they gave you the same 45 minute access because I would try and watch an episode of Scrubs and it would log me off before it finished buffering. I was making every effort at this point to pay my credit cards off as well so I slept in the airport and packed a huge lunch, well it was more of a lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner. You can get through airport security with a water bottle as long as the water bottle is empty. Then you just fill it up after the security checkpoint. Saves a lot of money because water can be expensive if there’s no McDonald’s or Burger King and even then it’s still more than it should be.

I didn’t know what security was going to do if they saw me there for that long waiting for an airplane so I tried to stay up most of the night. I made it until about 3AM was the last I remember looking at my laptop. I don’t remember setting any alarms on my phone so it was a good thing I woke up two hours later, drooling all over myself and my laptop an inch way from falling to the ground.

So, I slowly made my way to the bathroom to change and a taxi to make it to the start line. Luckily it was only about 15 bucks to get to what we thought was the start line. I walked about 500 yards from where the taxi dropped me off and the officer guarding the path to the start was quick to reassure us that you have to “go back that way about two miles.” You can only imagine people’s faces. I’m not that much of an elite runner but other runners who looked like 9:00 and 10:00 min miles were a whole lot more expressive. I started my trek there and a car that was blocking my path, the girls inside were like, “Do you need a ride?” I’m like, someone is watching over me, thank god, “Yeah” “Get in” We zoomed off to the freeway entrance, then the freeway, then a freeway off-ramp, it must have been like 2 1/2 miles and even then we cheated, we had to jump over the guard rails and run through a grass field to get to the start line festival. Those girls were funny though, they were troopers, I thanked them and they ran off (more serious runners).

I hadn’t done gear check until then but there was no way out of it this time. They were actually really helpful, we had UPS trucks take all our stuff from point A to point B. I’ve been using it ever since. Got my bib, got a banana, a roll, and some water and made my way to the start line. It looked mildly overcast like it was going to rain. Most of the start of the run is a blur. I know that I was going to be right behind the 2:30 pacers because if I caught up to them I could make a 2:20 time running at their pace. At about 6 miles in I had an overwhelming bathroom break. I tried to run a little after that and I walked the rest. I was really dehydrated and I could feel my right calf acting up again. Made the decision to stay healthy and have no injuries. Plus, I was in Seattle, Washington for the first time. The trees were huge, the green was beautiful, and the lake was amazing. So, I might as well sit back and enjoy a good time. I ended with a 3:00:00 something which wasn’t all that bad for walking the rest.

Got my shirt, got my backpack, and someone was handing out free deli sandwiches, oh my, what a delicacy after a run. I saw everyone taking these huge flight of stairs so I thought I would take it to find a cab back to the airport. I shared a cab with these two ladies that were visiting their relatives. They were very nice. They told me about some sights I had to see in Rhodes Island, they had some family down there. They got to their hotel and paid the cab fair to the hotel so all I had to do was pay the little bit back to the airport. I was really thankful because I really didn’t have the money for it. I talked with the cab driver too, he has a wife and kid and really wants to try and for the Seattle half next year but it’s hard with a kid. It’s hard enough without a kid. He didn’t even want a tip really, I still gave him a little bit.

A few drooling events later and I was back at John Wayne waiting for my brother to pick me up, crashed before I had class the next day.

[That picture shows some huge back foot pounding. I’ve been doing everything I can to have my feet more level but that picture definitely shows otherwise.]

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