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Finishing the Year and Rock ‘n’ Roll 2010 Series in Las Vegas

I’m sorry about such a late posting for the Las Vegas run. Right after the run I was thrown in to two weeks of finals, work, and then the holidays. Just got out of three days of work and catching up with all the websites and blogs.

I thought I would remember a lot of what happened, at least enough for a post, but I forgot a lot of what I was going to say about the run. Tina, my mom, my grandpa, and I went up to Vegas. We bought a one day pass to eat at the buffets at about 6 P.M. Timing is crucial with these because once it has that 24 hour mark you can’t eat at their unless you either pay again or start racking up a quick bill for easy meals.

Word of advice, if money is an issue, then plan the timing you buy the buffet ticket. We got there on Friday, paid for a one day at 6 P.M. and Saturday we ate about 20 minutes before the time was up. Once you’re in, you’re in. But after that all bets are off. Then, we just ate power bars and protein shakes for the morning. We ate at an In ‘n’ Out that night home. Forty bucks for meals in three day trip to Vegas is a great deal.

After the meal that night, we all went home. My grandpa and I went to sleep right after and the girls went out to a Barry Manilow concert. We slept in that morning, took showers, and went to the Flamingo buffet. It was a blast. After sitting at the table for an hour and a half (making sure to eat less than before), we went out to see the flamingos and ducks. The male ducks were a color that I’ve never seen before. Then, we took pictures at the waterfalls for about an hour too (time flies when you’re photogenic).

Went to the Sandle’s convention after that. Nothing too out of the ordinary but I did appreciate the amount of space they had between booths. Then we went to a local, Vegas magic and comedy show. Then we had dinner at a great buffet with a lot of options. We stayed as long as we could and watched a man take out six plates. Went home, did the preparing ritual and passed out for the big day.

We caught a cab from the lobby hotel and the people partying last night were just leaving. Took the cab right to the starting line and it was freezing. Of course, I didn’t take my jacket because it gets too hot during the event. Waited for everyone to get there and the earlier corrals to get started. They, by far, had the best start line entertainment, a real band playing great music.

It was a great course to end the year. It was by far the best scenery that I’ve seen and had a lot of open road for people to pass by and pass up. We walked through the strip, a few neighborhoods, and then we walked back through the strip.

Cabs were a nightmare to catch. Either you walk back however far you have to walk back (we had 2 miles) or you pay a little extra to stay at the Mandalay Bay hotel (right near the starting line). Mandalay Bay had an hour plus wait for a hotel and by the time we finished most of the adjacent hotels had the same thing. We walked about a mile and a half of it before we kidnapped a cab at a crosswalk.

I took a shower before we went and we hit the road as soon as we could. Took us three hours to get across state line in parking lot traffic as the construction workers hauled down to finish the road in the emergency lane. Needless to say the two gas stations on the road were packed and people were road raging more than ever.

Stopped at a great In ‘N’ Out for some much need food and eventually got home, stayed up a little bit longer, and passed out for the night. A four hour trip up took 8 hours to get home.

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