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Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon 2010

The inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon was a few weekends ago on Ocotber 24, 2010. The event coordinators, volunteers, and everyone who helped did a great job hosting the event for the first time. We showed up at the finish line about an hour early with a line that seemed a mile long to get on the buses to take us to the start line. The line moved quicker than expected and the bus drivers were definitely working their hardest to get us there in the timeliest fashion they could.

The startline this time seemed to move the fatest I’ve seen out of all of them. But, I think that’s because there were fewer corrals in this event than other events. For example, we were corral 18 for a 3:00 in LA but I was corral 28 for a 3:00 in Chicago. At the start we saw a toirtoise and a hare, out of all the costumes that I’ve seen, that was by far the coolest. It would be nice to know how their mile marker and finishing pictures turned out.

I staid back with the other team members this time, with two marathons back to back, six exams, papers, and many other things I can’t think of in the way, I didn’t want to over do it. It was a pretty regular race though except for a few unexpected bathroom brakes and hills. One hill seemed vertical at one point which we didn’t see on the course preview.

There wasn’t much of a turn out for people cheering on the sidelines but that’s understandable for an inaugural event. In a few years, I have a funny feeling people are going to be lined up everywhere in this event. However, even if there is only one person clapping or watching the race, we’re still very appreciative that they came out and we cheer them on for cheering us on. They always say we’re the heros but we really believe that they are heros in this.

One of the benefits of staying behind in this race was that I learned more about pacing myself. Since I didn’t jog at the start, I guess I saved a lot of energy and at mile 12 I started jogging to the finish line. I was able to jog as fast as I could in the start of a race without muscle my muscles straining to keep up. Even though, I’ve known muscle physiology and how energy pathways work, I’m still trying to practice what I learned so long ago.

I started weak but finished strong, I must have passed a hundred people. I think they may have looked at me like I was crazy for being able to go that quickly at the end but fortunately there were a lot of photographers at the last stretch which made for great in-the-moment photos. The weather was great too. The sun came out two hours into the race but it stayed cool throughout the race. Finish line ending had great food (bagels and bananas).

It’s nice to be a legacy (or legendary) runner for this event because I will most likely continue it for as long as I can. Looking forward to next year’s event. Every year we’re creating more funds for great charities and medical research such as breast cancer and luekemia. It’s nice to know that all the hard work and financial woes are going to the greater cause of curing medical diseases that plague so many.

Thank you for reading everyone, we appreciate it. Make sure to check out our facebook page for more posts from our writers and information about events were participating in.


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