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LA Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon

With everyone registered, Brian had to work and was unable to go to the convention. Tina and I drove to LA and enjoyed the convention. Each time we attend we learn something. There was a very inspirational speaker that has been training runners for over 30 years. With his help, Tina found a way to stop the pain in the ball of her feet. She purchased a new type of sock the ones with toes. With the socks and the new change in her gait, she completed the LA marathon with no shin splints or pain in the balls of her feet.

We went home and in our separate homes got prepared for the inaugural LA Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ marathon.  My nephew Jarrett spent the night so he could come and cheer us on.

We got up at 05:00 and we were off. Grandpa, Jarrett, Brian and I picked up Tina and we went to the LA convention center to catch a bus to the starting line. The line for the buses wrapped around the block and took over 30 mins to get on a bus, we sent Brian to the front so he could get to the starting line to get same-day check in. We caught up with him at the starting line and even had time for a potty break.

The weather was beautiful as we left Griffith Park and starting walking through LA. There were lots of people along the course to cheer us on, but not like the LA Marathon in March 2007. The music was great, but there were several very steep hills. We attacked them and finished the course in 3 ½ hours. As we came to the finish line we were greeted by Jarrett, then Tina’s family, her husband and grandchildren Zoe and Broc. As we came across the finish line there was Grandpa. This was the largest greeting party we have ever had. It was very nice to share this with our families.

We got our Cytomax, bananas and bagels and went home. This would conclude our 4th ½ marathon for the year and would now make use legacy runners for this event.


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