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Long Beach International City Bank Half Marathon 2010

Grandpa: $10 for convention parking
Mom: $90 for the race
Sami: for driving down and cheering me on during the race.

I have a lab report to write and a bio exam to study for so I will make this quick. Worked a 12 hour shift before the half marathon and got a flu shot that morning. I always have a general malaise the day after than I’m usually fine (knock on wood). I was so tired my mom had to come in my room twice, Sami had to make me a bowl of cereal, it took me 20 minutes to leave and I still wasn’t awake. We left for the half marathon at 6:20 and found that road blocks were already put up. We had to go all the way around and I ran a mile to the start line with 90 seconds to go before we started. I ran about 2 miles and the malaise from the shot came in. I started run walking the whole way. I would do a good two to ten minutes of running on any given interval and then speed walk.

We all were very lucky to have perfect weather. It was just overcast enough to be cold but not raining. The sun didn’t come out until much later in the day. A lot of the 5k’s we are used to doing we went by such as the Turkey Trot, Ataxia Walk, and the Long Beach AIDS walk. It was great to finally do a half marathon in a place I recognize. It’s a lot easier that way, a lot less nerves and stress.

I paced myself a lot more and I’m not sure if it’s because of the pacing but I don’t feel all that achy considering I just did a half marathon. I might be getting around the same 3:00 time but my body is handling it much better. Not sure if that’s because of the pacing or the training, probably a little of both. My official time for this one was 2:53. Not bad since I thought I was going to get a 3:30 when mile two came around with nausea, aching, and weakness.


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