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Training in My Garage: A Description Inspired by Katy Perry

I get different things out of music than many others probably get. I can categorize my life by the songs that I’ve heard. I’ve been able to capture emotions at certain stages and have them come out at the conditioned response of a song. Katy Perry recently came out with a song called “Teenage Dream” and I just saw her video on Youtube. Despite your views on social politics and the direction of music, Perry depicts in the start a man wrapping his hands in cloth before he puts on his boxing gloves. It changes directions and comes back to Perry going through her locker. She takes a peek at what’s happening in the gym. The guy is beating the hell out of a punching bag, giving it his all, nothing matters, all the nagging of life’s expectations are absent.

It’s the same way I feel when I train for my half marathons in my garage, music on my iPod up, treadmill belt rolling and rolling, half an hour, rolling and rolling, fourty-five minutes. Muslces are aching, it’s the middle of the night, have to get up at 7am, the music is still rolling and I’m still running, still huffing. Every step down on the treadmill feels like I’m putting a fist right into the bag.

“When did I become a runner?” I check the box in the form or write down that I’m a runner for the events that I sign up for but if you talk to the people around me, I never define myself as a runner.  I’m the guy who hates running on weekends, who hates running on weekdays, who hates the idea of sprinting to get the heart rate up. I’m the one who would get horrible rashes and made fun of round the clock in PE classes. I’m the one who wanted them to take PE out of the curriculum because it was too hard. I’m not a runner.

Yet, I consistently find myself getting excited to push myself to the limit. “How much can I take? Can I do a marathon again?” I ran ten miles in the San Francisco half marathon, a feet that you would never be able to concieve of if you knew me even 8 years ago. I could never even muster up the thought of doing something like that let alone have the capacitiy to train for it and then go out and do it. WIll I be able to run a whole half marathon?

I find myself living for this. Running has become my antidrug. Running has become my coping mechanism to life and has become one of the reasons that I live. Getting up at 4 in the morning to go run/walk 13.1 miles. Staying up until all hours of the night, until the freeway slows down, and the parks get quiet, and the sky becomes dark. Outside, sweating, muscles burning, hyperventilating, waiting for another high.

Am I a runner or just someone that runs?

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