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Philly Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ marathon

I traveled by plane from LAX to BWI two weeks before the event. Spent time visiting family and friends in Delaware, where I grew up. A week before the event Tina arrived at BWI. My friends and I picked her up after spending the day at the inner Harbor in Baltimore.

Jesse, Tina and I spent time seeing the Amish in PA, learning about our Nation’s history in Delaware and Philly and I showed her where I grew up, my small town of Stanton, Delaware.

On Saturday we went to the convention to finish our registration and get ready for the event. When we got home we prepared all of our gear. We decided to use camel packs and put all of our supplies in them (power bars, nuts, camera, phone, sunscreen, ID, money, and chap stick). Of course we ate subs and steak sandwiches for dinner and went to bed right after.

We got up at 04:00 in the morning to get ready and make the drive to Philly. We parked in what we thought would be a short walk to the starting/finish line. This ended up being over 1.5 miles each way.

The event went off without a hitch. We walked through some of the historic sites of Philly, around City Hall along the River Past Boat House row and back along the river. We enjoyed celebrating Tina’s Birthday with Tina wearing a Birthday ball cap. Jesse drove to Philly after she got off work and was there to greet us at the finish line.

We met some amazing people along the way. The most interesting was a man celebrating his 5th anniversary of his heart transplant walking with his 12 year old daughter. After our run we drove home, had some lunch and got ready for a surprise Birthday party for Tina.

We ended our trip with a few days in our Nation’s Capital staying in the oldest hotel in Washington. We visited Arlington’s National Cemetery, The White House Visitors Center, Ford Theater, Smithsonian, and many more sites.

Then off to BWI to catch a flight home.


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