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TriRock: Announcing Entrance in First Triathlon

It’s a little late in the game to be announcing that I am participating in the TriRock triathlon hosted by Competitor, the same people who made the Rock ‘n’ Roll running series. It’s the inaugural San Diego tri and it’s the kick off of the entire TriRock series. Kind of neat to be participating in the start of all the events to come.

I’ve been telling a few people about it and luckily some of the people that I know have either done a few themselves or know people that have or know something about one of the three parts. Everyday for a good two weeks I was learning knew things that I had to buy that were necessary to do the event. I learned how to do a few strokes, mostly freestyle and breast stroke. I know them poorly at best though, my technique is way off but that’s to be expected with only a few days to learn it. Thankfully, someone was letting me use their pools they worked at and taking a few minutes to teach me what to do or I would have been doing an even less efficient way than I am now.

In training so far my best is roughly 2300ft in the pool, I did a 26 mile bike ride from my college and back, and I’ve done a 65 minute run at a little over 4 miles, this isn’t all in the same day though. I think I have enough endurance to be able to do it but I feel like I’m going to be dead tired doing this, especially at the end of it. I think it’s going to be hard to walk afterword for a little bit which is going to make it hard to get around to my classes if they’re back to back. But I think I have enough of what it takes.

I hope I do have enough because I’ve used a little over $300 of other people’s money for this event, family and friends sponsoring financially and some of their time. If it wasn’t for my grandpa, I would be sleeping in my car before the event. If it wasn’t for Kevin, friend, I would probably have drown in the swim portion, definitely wouldn’t have made it.

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