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Heavy Medal for Rock ‘n’ Roll Series, 26.2

Saw a little manila envelope in the mail today and couldn’t understand because I haven’t had enough money to order anything in a long time. It was from the Competitor group and I knew what it was. I opened it up and it was my Heavy Medal for completing two half marathons in a calendar year for the Rock ‘n’ Roll series.  I like it not really because it means I compeleted two events but the amount of effort I put into my lifestyle and racing events. With the first half marathon of the summer and the first one I’ve done in general, I had to do a 45 minute presentation the day after and turn in a 5 page essay which I had to write as soon as I got home from San Diego after the event.

Then, signing up to run for in the San Francisco half marathon. Driving up there and then driving back right after the event. Learning the 5 freeway, checking into hotels. Learning about one way streets. Running for nine straight miles, longest I’ve ever run. Driving for five straight hours. Then, signing up for Chicago and running in that a week later. Learning more about air travel, learning about the blue line. Watching scrubs on hulu (the only time I’ve seen 8th season episodes). Getting four to five hours of sleep each time. All the great people that I met.

Then starting the team blog and trying to get sponsors and member profiles and upload photos. Trying to establish more team members as writers and teaching them how to use the platform. Signing up for my first triathlon and the many sunburns that have come with it. Accidentally doing a 26 mile bike to cal state and back (I have the proof if anyone wants clarity). Organizing people to fund/help get me to the TriRock. They will get an official thank you on the team blog but to name drop a few: Grandpa for hotel costs and event registration; Mom for bike gear (patch kits, CO2 pumps), cytomax, jammers, and goggles; Kevin for registration fees and swim lessons. Without them I would have slept in my car and then drown the next day.

To me, it’s symbolic of what I’ve learned and overcome and a summary of the summer.

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