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26.2 Heavy Medal for Rock ‘n’ Roll Series

Just recieved my 26.2 heavy medal for completing the San Diego and Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll events. I’m not only proud of it because I completed these events but it’s also a symbol of what I accomplished this summer. I went to San Francisco for the California Dreamin’ Racing Series and Chicago solo, I had to learn how to buy airplane tickets, reserve hotels, etc.

I also set and stone the team and made a website for us so we could showcase what we’ve done to other people. We’re very proud of the events we participate in and we would like to be able to show others if they ask. It’s also a great way to write about the events and post pictures. From that, we’re trying to get sponsors and they’ll have a way of looking us up.

I am also participating in a triathlon and have been training for that this summer. I also signed up for three half marathons this Fall semester, and twelve half marathons for next year. So, I’ve really stepped up my game because of this summer. Each medal that I got at the event was really a prize for working hard at that event, preparation, participating in it, and any post-game things. The 26.2 is really a token of everything that I have done this summer and it was really great because it came the last week of summer.

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