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Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego 1/2 Marathon 2010

This is a little late to be writing a review of the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego 1/2 Marathon but I thought it would be a good idea to write about since this leads into a slew of other 1/2 marathons that we are also participating in.

My mom went to New Orleans with some of her work friends and she had a good idea of doing the 1/2 marathon because you would get to see the city, take pictures, and get exercise at the same time. She coerced one of her friends into doing it and they had a good time. I put up their pictures they would send me on Facebook so everyone could see what they had accomplished. They came home and I saw the medal that she got and I was mesmerized. “How did you get that cool medal?” “They hand out medals this big and this heavy?” “Does it support charities?” And she came back with information on the runs and the whole series itself.

I was a little hesitant at first to sign up for the San Diego one because it was right in the middle of my summer session course. But, my mom assured me that the 1/2’s were a lot easier than the full. So, we signed up for it, a few months pass, and there we are. As far as training wise, I didn’t do much to prepare. Instead of doing 20 minutes on the treadmill, I tried to get up to 30 and then a week before the run I got up to 45. I was doing a few push-ups and sit-ups a day. Not much at all really.

We get to the city and the convention center was mildly packed. It took a few minutes to get into the parking structure and make our to the packets and shirts. I would imagine if we got there an hour later it would have been crowded to the breaking point. The shirts they gave us were nice, they had a lot of breathing room so it didn’t get stuffy when the 1/2 got hot. We took a few pictures, signed up for a few more 1/2 marathons, and looked around for some freebies.

After the convention, we ate at a little hole in the wall called Dicks. It was the classiest restaurant that we saw within walking distance of the convention without having to walk two miles to get where we wanted to eat, Hard Rock Cafe. It was a couple minute wait and they sat us down at these tables that were sticky because of the paint and muggy weather. Then, our server comes in screaming at us and everyone else in the joint, he took our order, and we waited for the food. Hungry as we were they weren’t sparing on the meat portions. We ate our apetizers, took pictures of the restaraunt name, and left.

We went to the hotel and I went straight to work. I had a 45 minute presentation and a 5 page paper due that Monday. I had to finish the presentation on Saturday and write the five page paper on Sunday, particularly Sunday night. I worked on my presentation the whole night, they went out and got food from the Cheesecake factory, I didn’t end up eating till about eleven o’clock. Kept working until like 12AM or 1AM when I finally finished my part of the PowerPoint and sent it off to one of my partners. Went to bed for a cat nap and woke up at 4AM so we could make it to the shuttle point and make it to the run by about 6:30. Luckily we did because we made it right at the time that we were supposed to be there.

Put on these new socks that soak up the moisture better and they worked wonders. I didn’t have any blisters by the time I finished the run. I felt the onset of one but it never showed its face. Basically, better socks and Vaseline everywhere. Didn’t know about it until then and will never use anything different.

We walked almost the entirety of the run. At mile 12, I took off from the pack and ran the rest of it. I almost got the time I wanted to get which is about 3:30. Get a 3:30 and eventually 3:00 will beat out my full marathon time of 7:30. Even though it was 1/2, it’s still nice to know that I may have beaten it. The track was a little rough because we were running on freeway entrances and exits. So, it was hard on the gluts even when we tried to get on straight ground every time.

There wasn’t much to see on the track per say because we live right near San Diego, and again, mostly freeways and such. The performers were alright. Getting back to our car was a little rude on either the event’s part or the city’s part. We just did a 1/2 marathon and then we had to wait on this huge dirt patch with probably a thousand people, at least, in line. It took us a hundred feet and then we had to wait another 30 minutes or so after the two hours we waited in the blaring sun to get on the trolley. Not as bad for us but for little kids, babies, and the people who ran full marathons, I’m sure it was pleasant.

My mom ended with two blisters and was complaining like a baby. It was sweet revenge for my friend Chris and I since she would play it off like nothing when we had around ten blisters a foot at about mile seventeen in the LA Marathon.

After the run there wasn’t much recovery time, that night I wrote a five page paper, and gave a 45 minute presentation the next day. The only hard part was the hardcore sunburn I had on my calves and my quads  tightening up for two days.


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