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New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ marathon

As we were preparing to go to New Orleans to see Myrna run in the inaugural New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon I spoke to Tina about how great it is to participate in a marathon. How you get to see the city from a view that nobody ever gets to see (no cars, no buses, no people). It’s a great way to see the historic site and if we get tired we can walk off the course and call a cab back to the hotel.

So we registered for the inaugural ½ marathon, reviewed what we needed packed our bags and we were off to Mardigras, USA. Myrna, Tina, Laura (our chanters) and I. We stayed a block from Burbourn Street. That was great.

We walked all over the French quarter, Coffee/Hot coco at Café Demon, took a ride on a Riverboat and toured a few plantations. We went out at night had beads thrown at us and danced the night away.

We enjoyed a walk along the river to the convention and after Tina saw the medal, she decided that there was no way she was not going to finish the marathon. We walked back to the hotel and then to Saturday Mass at the oldest church in the French Quarter. It was spectacular. Than a nice walk back to the hotel to have dinner and get ready for our events in the morning.

We put Vaseline on our feet, knee braces for me, Fanny packs (camera, phone, protein bars, chap stick) protein shakes and bananas for breakfast and began our walk to the starting line. We did some stretching at the starting line. Myrna went to her corral and Tina and I went to our corral.

We walked down Virginia Ave, through the French quarter past Café demon. We took many photos of the amazing sites. 3.40 hours later we both crossed the finish line. Laura was there to greet us and take photos. We got our Cytomax, bananas and bagels and then sat down for some lunch. After lunch we went to the finish line and waited for Myrna to come across. We cheered on all of the other runners before her.

After the marathon we went to Emeril’s original restaurant. I was one of the most amazing meals I have ever had. Then we went to a post marathon concert for about an hour before we realized that we were ready for bed.

In the morning we went home having completed our first ½ marathon (Tina and I). Myrna finished another one of her marathons towards all 50 states and we are now trying to get Laura to participate in a ½ marathon.

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